Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management

 Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management

 Fee For New Student Registration

Examination: June and December Yearly.

Course Duration Per Stage: 6 months


Application form       N5,000
Student Registration       N5,000
Annual Subscription       N3,500
ID Card       N1000

Total Fee For Student Registration Payable                                      N14,500    Click To Pay

Professional Qualifications:

This professional qualification is aimed at career such as Customer Care Executive, Customer Care Co-ordinator, Customer Consultant, Customer Liaison Officer, Customer Service Executive, Customer Service Professional, Customer Account Manager, Customer Account, Director Telebusiness Executive, Telebusiness Professional, Telecare Executive, Customer Care Agent, Call Centre Agent, Telecare Professional , Order Entry Coordinators, Customer Service Coordinators, Service Specialists, Order Services Manager, Customer Relationship, Services Associate (e.g. Claims Services Associate) Sales Specialist, Customer Interaction Management Specialist etc.

  1. High School leavers wishing to embark on a successful career in Customer Services, Customer Care, Call Center, Relationship Management e.t.c.
  2. Students/Personnel who wish to obtain a recognized qualifications in Customer Services and Customer Relationship Management
  3. Individual wishing to pursue higher levels of learning in Customer Services field.
  4. Undergraduates Bachelors Degree holders in other disciplines wishing to start a successful career in Customer Relationship Management.

Entry Requirements:

WAEC, NECO, GCE, A Level, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, HNC, HND, B.Sc, PgD, MBA, MSc and other professional qualifications.

Examination: June and December Yearly.

Course Duration:

Twenty four months of study at a training institutions approved by institute (six months for each level) Any interested tuition centre could apply to the Institute for approval and accreditation.


Stage 1.

Certificate In Customer Care:

Examination Courses:
1. Principles of Marketing

2. Principles of Selling

3. Business Communications

4. Principles of Customer Care

5. Business Law

6. Business Economics and Statistics


Stage 2.

Diploma in Customer Service:

Examination Courses:

  1. Consumer Behaviour
  2. Managing Customer Information System
  3. Business Relationship Environment
  4. Sales and Marketing Research
  5. Customer Service Management


Stage 3.

Graduate/Higher Diploma in Customer Service:

     Examination Courses:

  1. Customer Management Techniques
  2. Managing Business Operations
  3. Relationship Marketing Management
  4. Applied Public Relations
  5. Call Center and Multi-Media Technology

Stage 4.

Post Graduate Diploma in Customer Relationship Management:

Examination Courses:

  1. Strategic Customer Management
  2. International Marketing Management
  3. Customer Service Marketing
  4. Business Policy and Management
  5. Customer Relationship Management: (Case Study)