Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management


Certificate in Customer Care

  1. Principles of Marketing
  2. Principles of Selling
  3. Business Communications
  4. Principles of Customer Care
  5. Business Law
  6. Business Economics and Statistics

Admission Requirements: O- Level, GCE, WAEC, NECO or equivalent.


Diploma in Customer Service

  1. Consumer Behaviour
  2. Managing Customer Information System
  3. Business Relationship Environment
  4. Sales and Marketing Research
  5. Customer Service Management

Admission Requirements: Completion of the Foundation of professional qualifying examinations or a recognised National Diploma (ND) or equivalent.

Professional Part 1

Higher Diploma in Customer Service

  1. Customer Management Techniques
  2. Managing Business Operations
  3. Relationship Marketing Management
  4. Applied Public Relations
  5. Call Center and Multi-Media Technology

Admission Requirements: Completion of the Intermediate qualifying examinations or a recognised Higher National Diploma (HND) or Degree or equivalent. Or Final membership certificate of any of the following professional bodies:

? The Chartered Institute of Marketing
? The Institute of journalism/Communication
? The Institute of Public Relations
? The Institute of Industrial Relations
? The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management
? The Institute of Direct Marketing

Professional Part II

Post Graduate Diploma in Customer Relationship Management

  1. Strategic Customer Management
  2. International Marketing Management
  3. Customer Service Marketing
  4. Business Policy and Management
  5. Customer Relationship Management: (Case Study)

Admission Requirements: Successful completion of the Professional qualifying examinations in Customer Services Customer Relationship Management or a recognised Master’s Degree in English, Marketing, Communication, Consumer Behaviour, Public Relation etc.