Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management

Eligibility Information

To find which level of membership is suitable for you, please refer to the Membership Area

CRM Certification

Any person holding a certificate from  an educational institution of learning or Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management or any person who is a graduate of a  College and who holds a certificate or similar document as a Certified Customer Service Professional of another Country or subdivision of the course  is eligible for CICRM membership.


Any person who is a full- or part-time student and has never been a licensed  CRM, nor achieved a bachelor’s degree.


Any person, who is undergoing a degree, has never been a licensed CRM in any state and is pursuing pathway to licensure via the Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management. Not a licensed CRM, does not qualify as an Associate Candidate or Certified Professional member to Associate category eligibility requirements.


Associate Eligibility You qualify for CICRM Associate membership if you meet any one of the following criteria and have two CICRM member sponsors:

  • Foreign Licensee;
  • CRM applicant serving in public or private or chapter committee(s) in ; or
  • Non-CICRM professional working in consulting, legal, government or banking services.

 Customer Service Professional

Never been a licensed CRM, does not qualify as a Student, Candidate or Associate member and meets CICRM Professional category eligibility requirements.

Service Professional Eligibility You qualify for CICRM direct membership if you’ve never been a licensed CRM, have a bachelor’s degree and meet any one of the following criteria:

  • A professional employee at a Service firm;
  • Anyone working under the direct supervision of a CRM or Service industry, government or education;
  • A Client Service Professionals in industry, government or education, or legal, banking or financial consulting services; or
  • A BPO, Call Agent or Call Centre professional.


The Certified Customer Service Professional qualification will raise the level of respect among colleagues in customer service management and the broader service community.

Certified Customer Service Professional is an important catalyst to staff development. It will encourage managers and potential managers to expand their knowledge beyond their particular area of specialization, whilst continuing to learn and grow in the market place.

Certified Customer Service Professional tells your employer you are motivated and accomplished together with being up to date in your knowledge of customer relationship management skills. Additionally this indicates you are working to maintain high standards in the customer service field.


This program is designed to recognize and ensure the ongoing maintenance of professional competence in customer relationship management.

CICRM seminars provide professional development opportunities that not only enhance a participant?s knowledge and skills but also provide an opportunity to accumulate CICRM membership points and Certified Customer Service Professional points.

Your full potential can be unlocked and you can gain rewards for your efforts and achievements.

For further information on our Certified Customer Service Professional program and other professional development events, please contact the Institute.