Degree Progression

Level I.

Certificate in Customer Care

Paper 1: Principles of Marketing

Paper 2: Principles of Selling

Paper 3: Business Communications

Paper 4: Principles of Customer Care

Paper 5: Business Law

Paper 6: Business Economics and Statistics

Level II.

Diploma in Customer Service

Paper 7: Consumer Behaviour

Paper 8: Managing Customer Information System

Paper 9: Business Relationship Environment

Paper 10: Sales and Marketing Research

Paper 11: Customer Service Management

Level III.

Higher Diploma in Customer Service

Paper 12: Customer Management Techniques

Paper 13: Managing Business Operations

Paper 14: Relationship Marketing Management

Paper 15: Applied Public Relations

Paper 16: Call Center and Multi-Media Technology

ICRM Advantage: At the completion of Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma Stages of the Institute Examination BBA/B.Sc will be issued to all interested students from our partner University in Costa Rica.

Level IV.

Post Graduate Diploma in Customer Relationship Management

Paper 17: Strategic Customer Management

Paper 18: International Marketing Management

Paper 19: Customer Service Marketing

Paper 20: Business Policy and Management

Paper 21: Customer Relationship Management: (Case Study)

While at the completion of the Post Graduate Diploma in Customer Relationship Management Examination Stage, MBA/M.Sc will be issued to all interested students from our partner University in Costa Rica.

UNESCO Accredited Degrees:

The College of Supply Chain Management, is an associate partner of the Institute of Customer Relationship Management is proud to announce its affiliate schools. These schools are official affiliates and each Institute is selected after completing a comprehensive assessment of its’ operations including quality of curriculums offered and adherence to current academic standards that we adhere to. We are honored to bestow official affiliate status on the following schools.

San Juan de la Cruz University

The Universities are listed in the United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) International Association of Universities under the country of Costa Rica and the International Handbook of Universities, an official guide/ directory of Internationally Accredited Universities published by the United Nations.

Recognized By:

Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica

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