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The Customer Service Training Institute is a United States based on-line provider of Customer Service Training manuals and products. CSTI has over 35 years experience in Customer Service. We have trained individuals and corporate staff in a wide variety of employment sectors. Our experience includes training in both public and private sectors, financial institutions, manufacturing, retail, and service sectors. Our vast and varied experience gives us a unique ability to provide training materials that are relevant to just about any application in the marketplace today.

All of the Customer Service Training publications shown on this site have been developed and written by our staff and are available no where else. Our staff have won awards for their performance using the same methods and techniques shown in his training manuals. In one situation, a student went from a new hire in a major corporation to Employee Of The Year using the same content written in our manuals! Our staff is committed to providing the very best in Customer Service Training. Our manuals are written so that everyone can easily understand them no matter what experience level you have. Anyone can read and understand our manuals. Our training materials are currently being used all over the globe!

We also keep our training materials priced within the reach of any individual or company. We want everyone to have access to quality material and believe that the content of our manuals will provide you with the very best in Customer Service Training. Our group licensing feature allows companies of all sizes to take advantage of pre-developed training for an unlimited number of employees.At The Customer Training Institute, we are all about results! We develop each and every manual to provide results fast! In almost every case, you can start reading in the morning and see results that same afternoon! We are not kidding when we say “We Give.

You a Phd. In Success!


The Customer Service Training Institute.